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Infrared technology being integrated in large machinery where calibration, ambient temperature, emissitivy can complicate solutions, needs to be explained carefully especially if you are dealing with a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering combined with thermal management. Our technical white papers are designed in such a way that we educate our reader in order to help them make appropriate technical AND business decisions. If you need more input, pls feel free to give us a call. We are more than happy to have a close look at your technical challenge in  order to provide the easiest and most cost effective solution for you.

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How to achieve optimum sensor read out

Exergen IRt/c sensors are small, passive devices with very high performance levels. The passive nature of the IRt/c’s results in very small repeatability and interchangeability errors, and an unprecedented long term stability. These properties are essential for their use in OEM manufacturers, who aim to build machines that function consistently and predictably.

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Whitepaper on applying reflective cones to IR temperature sensors for moving targets

Reflective cones are a very useful addition toIR sensors when high accuracy and reliability are important for moving process measurements whose a)surface emissivities are likely to vary, and b) ambient temperatures in the measurement areas are somewhat variable.

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IRt/c sensor setting for flash cure systems

Flash cure systems are tested in a normal ambient environment of about 74°F to determine air flow parameters to maintain IRt/c sensor body within its specified limits, as well as other cooling and ventilation needs in the machinery. However, in hot climates in other parts of the world, machine room ambient is expected to be as high as 105°F. How does this affect the cooling air requirements?

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