Dali thermal camera's

High-Definition Infrared Imaging Technology

DALI Technology is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development of uncooled FPADetector, infrared thermal imaging systems, Intelligent inspection robot and a series of optoelectronic products for inertial navigation, and is also one of the few specialized Chinese manufacturers having autonomous control technology, proprietary core intellectual property rights, and ability to develop and manufacture various modules and systems covering the whole industry chain, ranging from thermal imaging technology-related core devices and core modules to complete thermal imaging systems.

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C1 Series

High-definition infrared imaging technology, up to 120 x 120 pixel resolution. It can be widely used in electric hot spot detection, HVAC system, energy-saving heating, housing construction and automobile and other industries.

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  • Imaging with thermal, open a new angle of view;
  • Area scanning, fast and exactly discover all the temperature information on this area;
  • 160x120pixels thermal imaging camera equal to 19200 infrared thermometer working together;
  • Non-touch temperature measurement makes the operator much safer;
  • Inspect the electrical powered target safely;
  • Imaging data analysis with computer;
  • Save time, increase efficiency
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