Our Non-Contact Infrared
Temperature Sensor Solutions

Exergen Global is widely recognized for its unique family line of non contact infrared temperature sensors and its Sensoranics Methodology. This unique, proprietary, and fully integrated approach develops customized best-in-class infrared temperature sensor solutions. Sensoranics combines Exergen’s unmatched thermal management expertise, its innovative sensor technology and its mechanical engineering knowledge providing award-winning solutions for even the toughest thermal challenges.

What sets the Exergen’s IR sensor solutions apart:
- unpowered
- no drift
- high repeatability and high interchangeability
resulting in not just a high quality but especially the edge needed to increase production process speed and educe waste.
Exergen holds more than 70 patents for thermal management.

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For printing processes such as ink drying, finding dryout points in webs, measuring roller temperature to increase print quality, scanning webs for thermal profiling, measuring webs and ink rollers to increase speed and reduce scraps. Web and sheet fed presses, ink rollers, platens, conventional and waterless printing presses, and laminating machines are utilizing IRt/c technology.

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Help Your Customers Increase Safety, Reliability & Speed with Exergen’s IR Sensors
For processes such as diagnostic procedures, skin treatments and medical interventions where blood or saline solutions are involved, temperature monitoring and control are essential in the success and reliability of the procedure. Employing IRt/c technology increases the speed and reliability of the procedures while assuring patient safety.

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IRt/c infrared thermocouples can accurately control the temperature of rotating and moving stainless steel heaters common in the packaging industry, without touching the heaters. The SnakeEye Thermal Switch detects the presence of adhesives. Reduce scrap in your manufacturing process. Detect the presence of hot objects (such as hot melt adhesive, labels, laser engravings, seals, and pressed fit parts) with the photo-cell like, thermally sensitive, fast thermal switch.

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The IRt/c sensor from Exergen Global makes it possible to measure the exact t-shirt temperature during the curing process, with a resolution approx. of 0.0001°C and a repeatability error of 0.01°C.This ensures that or customer will  know exactly when to remove the t-shirt. Because of the customized solution we developed together we are able to control the heat from the lamps and increase the speed of the curing process.

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Measuring temperature accurately and reliably at process critical points is key to optimizing the application and increasing product throughput. As processes are getting faster and more technically advanced, it’s essential to have a more accurate temperature measurement. Similarly, environmental circumstances are becoming more challenging, pushing the limits of the sensors. Providing a solution that meet the very specific needs of application while addressing environmental challenges simply cannot be done with the one-product-fits-all approach. Off-the-shelve sensors will not provide the required reliability and accuracy.

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Non-contact temperature sensors

Our sensors vary in size and optics. Small or even smaller, they are an essential component of your product and/or complex machine.
The commonality is the focus to ameliorate your next generation machines beyond belief (The contradiction lays in the fact that it has to 
do a lot more and cost less). More speed, higher output and better quality but...all at less cost. 
Combine that with hardly to no maintenance costs (as our sensors do not drift) you provide 
your customer with unique buying reasons.