#84: Using the IRt/c.01 in a high electrical noise area

Applies to All Models With ABS Plastic Housing

In applications where the low cost of the IRt/c.01 is important, and the other performance requirements are met by the sensor, there are occasional concerns that electrical noise in the environment can affect the readings. By employing one or more standard techniques, IRt/c.01’s can provide outstanding performance in the most severe electrical environments commonly found in machinery.

1. Employ Filtering in the Readout Device.

If the readout device is heavily filtered with a long time constant, there is normally never a problem with noise. Response time constants in the range of 1 second are in common use in temperature controllers, and are usually more than enough to prevent any significant noise interference.

2. Add a Shield to either the IRt/c.01 or the EMI Source.

With aluminum foil, conduit, etc. the IRt/c.01 can be shielded from the source of electromagnetic radiation directly. Be sure to properly ground the shield. Refer to Tech Note #82 for recommendations.

3. Consider Substituting a Fully-Shielded IRt/c Model.

If none of the above options provide the necessary performance, especially for high speed applications, select one of the fully shielded stainless steel IRt/c models for the application.

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