#72: OEM low cost interface

Designing the advantages of infrared temperature sensing into your OEM equipment is now easier and much, much lower cost than it has ever been. The IRt/c product line can be conveniently interfaced with many standard thermocouple devices at the component level for custom board design. For example, Analog Devices, Inc. manufactures numerous lowcost thermocouple input components that work well with the IRt/c, such as the following two models.

Model AD1B60 Intelligent Digitizing Signal Conditioner for the IRt/c

  • Complete IRt/c sensor-to-digital signal conditioning and data conversion
  • Directly connect up to 4 IRt/c’s per chip
  • Cold junction compensation built in
  • Software switchable open thermocouple detection
  • Allows IRt/c linearization over complete temperature sensing range
  • Digital output
  • Under $50 in 100 piece quantities

Model AD594 (type J), AD595 (type K) IRt/c Amplifier with CJC

  • Direct connection with IRt/c sensors
  • Built-in cold junction compensation
  • 10 mV/deg C output (0 to 10 V output)
  • Under $7 per unit in 100 piece quantities (AD594AQ)

For more information about component level IRt/c design, or assistance in board level design for interface with the IRt/c product line, please contact CleverIR directly. Contact Analog Devices directly for information on these and other models: Analog Devices, Inc., One Technology Way, PO Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062 (Phone: 800-262-5643, 617-329-4700)

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