1. How Large Is Your Target?

- If it is smaller than 0.8 inches (2 cm), you must select either the micro IRt/c, micro IRt/c.4, IRt/c.2G, IRt/c.01, IRt/c.03, IRt/c.1x, IRt/c.3x, or focused model.

- If it is smaller than 0.3 inches (8 mm) you must select the IRt/c.3x or focused model.

- If it is larger than 0.8 inches (2 cm), select any of the sensors.

2. How Close Can The Sensor Be Mounted?

- See Tech Note #36, Tech Note #41, and Tech Note #55 and use the field-of-view drawings showing the distance from the sensor versus the approximate diameters of the spot size.

- For example, the IRt/c.3x, at a distance of 3X has a spot size of 1X (at a distance of 1 foot, the spot size is 4 inches, at a distance of 1.5 meter, the spot size is 0.5 meter).

- See Tech Note #29 if you wish to position an IRt/c at an angle other than 90° from your target surface.

- If using a focused model, refer to individual model specifications for optimum distance.

3. What Is The Ambient Temperature Where The Sensor Is To Be Placed?

- If ambient is less than 160°F (70° C) choose any sensor.

- If ambient is less than 185°F (85°C) choose any sensor except micro IRt/c, IRt/c.01 and IRt/c.03.micro IRt/c, IRt/c.01 and IRt/c.03If ambient is less than 212°F (100° C) choose any sensor except IRt/c.01 and IRt/c.03.

- If ambient is greater than 212°F (100° C), see Tech Note #35 for air cooling flow requirements for the IRt/c Cooling Jacket Kit and IRt/c.XXX built-in air purge/cool system.

- If ambient is greater than 500°F (260°C), it is usually best to specify an IRt/c or IRt/c.2 sensor along with the Cooling Jacket Kit and utilize the water cooling feature. (Cooling the smaller sensors with water is less expensive over time, compared to cooling the IRt/c.5 with air.)

4. What Is Your Target Temperature?

- Use Temperature Selection Guide. See Tech Note #49.

5. Choosing A Temperature Controller/Input Device?

- See Tech Note #37 and Tech Note #14 for help in selecting or using available thermocouple input devices.

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