#41: IRt/c.5 has 5:1 field-of-view and built-in air purge

The IRt/c.5 model extends the range of applications for infrared thermocouple thermometry to situations where geometry requires that the sensor be mounted remotely from the target. In addition to the narrow 5:1 field of view (11° included angle), this model retains all of the ruggedness and elegant ease-of-use features of the original IRt/c models, is hermetically sealed, and is equipped standard with an internal air cool/purge system. As do all IRt/c’s, this new model exceeds all applicable NEMA standards, and is intrinsically safe.

Specifications (where different from other models):

Sensing Range: -45 to 650°C (-50 to 1200°F)

Field of View: 11° approx. (5:1)

Minimum Spot Size: 2 cm (0.8”)

Output impedance: 4 Kohms to 8 Kohms, varies bymodel

Weight: 184 g with cable (6.5 oz)

For drawings indicating field of view, mounting, air purge path, etc., see the Catalog Section of the General Ebook

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