#38: How the IRt/c is manufactured for reliability

The IRt/c is designed and manufactured to provide a lifetime of reliable operation in the most demanding service conditions. To assure this performance, every IRt/c is put through a rigorous process of manufacture, including seven separate test stages. At the end of this process, the IRt/c is ready to be installed, and is ready to provide you with reliable infrared temperature data for many years.

As an additional reliability feature, all IRt/c’s are manufactured with a Xenon gas fill hermetically sealed into the sensing system. If the hermetic seal is broken by mechanical or thermal damage to the sensor, the Xenon immediately escapes, and the IRt/c radiation sensitivity (difference between target and sensor tem-perature) immediately drops by more than a factor of two, thus providing an obvious indication of failure, rather than a gradual change which can cause poor quality service for a long period of time before a failure is detected.

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