Change to CleverIR

Exergen Global announces strategic name change to CleverIR

CleverIR focusses on its mission to provide customers and partners with a broader line, easy to use, cost efficient infrared temperature solutions in the industrial field, by diversification

Zijtaart, the Netherlands – November 1, 2021 - Exergen Global, the exclusive worldwide distributor for Exergen Corp.’s high performing, non-contact infrared sensor line (excluding the USA), has announced it will rebrand itself as CleverIR as it broadens and diversifies its mission in the IR sensor solutions market.

The IR sensor solutions market is growing rapidly. In fact, market research company Zion estimated the market for infrared sensors at USD 1.32 billion last year, and predicts it will grow to USD 1.95 billion by 2025. While there are a wide variety of infrared sensor market research reports, they all point to a common theme: infrared sensors is a growth market with CAGRs ranging from 6.1% to 14%. 

Infrared sensors have become increasingly popular as temperature becomes an ever-more critical process parameter in a wide range of industries. Unlike contact sensors, infrared sensors provide the specificity and technical performance required by today’s more demanding applications. 

“The IR sensor market is very diverse, ranging from thermopile detectors that cost just a few dollars to complex systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars. But regardless of costs, we know that our industrial customers need high end, extremely accurate, flexible and still easy-to-use infrared sensor solutions”, reflects Bram Stelt, CEO of CleverIR. “Our rebrand and our expanded mission is in response to those needs. While our name will change the complete Exergen Global team will not. Additionally, we’re excited to announce that we will also add a team of researchers and developers under the guidance of Ir. Ronald Buining, a long-time veteran in the industrial sensor electronics market”, he added. 

“We are very excited to embark on this new journey, but also thrilled to say we look forward to continuing what has been a 25-year-long relationship with Dr. Frank Pompei, founder and chief executive officer of Exergen Corporation and his world-renown IR industrial product team,” said Bart van Liempd, large account director CleverIR worldwide.

“I consider Frank the ultimate thinktank in infrared technology. His knowledge and experience is unmatched worldwide and we consider him the Godfather of infrared sensor technology. We cannot thank Frank enough for his unconditional support and his expertise,” added van Liempd.

Exergen Global’s new mission and branding came about in part as a result of the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic. The company reported that while the entire industry and economy experienced a challenging time, the pandemic also provided additional opportunities like quality time to reflect on future developments and a greater focus on customers’ needs. That reflection resulted in the introduction of an additional AutoSmart IRt/c line which was very well received by the industrial field, with a high focus on agriculture, automotive, print, textile, plastics, automotive, robotics and semi-conductors.

In the last week of November, CleverIR executives will present two webinar sessions: one for EMEA and Asia Pacific on the 30th of November. The URL to subscribe is:

On the 2nd of December, the same webinar will be given for North, Middle and South America. 

The URL to subscribe is:

During this webinar, CleverIR’s mission, vision, future plans, product lines and solutions will be presented, explained and demonstrated aimed at agricultural applications.

About CleverIR: clever solutions in the infrared market

Formerly known as Exergen Global, CleverIR is a uniquely positioned group of experts carrying a nice portfolio of infrared sensor solutions. Very well-known brands such as the Exergen IRt/c line, Dali, Novus and Meltech focus on bringing accurate, reliable and of course easy to use, scalable infrared sensor solutions for a cost effective price. The sensor solutions can be found in a variety of vertical markets like print, textile, infrastructure, plastic and agriculture, automation and robotics amongst others.


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