Strategic deal with Dali

CleverIR announces first strategic deal with Chinese publicly held company Dali, designer and manufacturer of "clever" thermal imaging camera's


In a variety of markets like for instance Telecom, Datacenters/IT and electrical engineering companies, temperature plays an extremely important role.  Having a better understanding when devices or wires are overheated, provides a better understanding of a challenging situation. This will result in a higher safety, less hazardous situations.


"In Telecom temperature plays a very important role as It often occurs that devices get overheated. Manually you check the temperature by touching it BUT that simply gives you one indicator: the device it too hot. Using the T1-M from Dali works like a charm. We can safely, quickly and easily scan and we know exactly IF the temperature is still within the specification. All our service personnel work with the T1-M and are extremely positive about the efficiency", says Mr. Biemans, CEO of Biemans BV.

C1 Series

High-definition infrared imaging technology, up to 120 x 120 pixel resolution. It can be widely used in electric hot spot detection, HVAC system, energy-saving heating, housing construction and automobile and other industries.

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Also in datacenters and electrical engineering companies, the C1 series of Dali does exactly what it promises.

IT company named Backenders, work with datacenters, servers, PC’s, laptops, all of them can have a problem with temperature. They  check the servers in their datacenters on a very regular basis. Having a good understanding of the temperature in an efficient, easy manner increases the safety a lot. Their insurance company reacted in a very positive manner when they informed them about their additional build in safety protocol check.

  • Imaging with thermal, open a new angle of view;
  • Area scanning, fast and exactly discover all the temperature information on this area;
  • 160x120pixels thermal imaging camera equal to 19200 infrared thermometer working together;
  • Non-touch temperature measurement makes the operator much safer;
  • Inspect the electrical powered target safely;
  • Imaging data analysis with computer;
  • Save time, increase efficiency

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Van Zutphen/electrical engineering company

Houses may face problems with the electrical wiring, especially when they are dealing with houses beyond a certain age. This may result in a fire started in the cupboard. Providing every mechanic with high end tools is far too expensive. Providing them with the Dali scanner will do the trick nicely by regularly checking the electrical cabinets in an efficient and easy manner.