No pain, no gain?

In my home country we have a saying: "If you want to be beautiful, you will need to suffer" meaning that it requires either great effort, or painful measures if you want to augment your looks. Exergen is proving that this is false; gain without pain!

Many aesthetic and cosmetic treatments such as hair removal, body contouring, tattoo removal or vascular treatments, involve heating of certain layers of the skin. The higher the temperatures in these specific layers, the better the effect of the treatment (the gain). But if these areas get too hot the patient can feel discomfort or even get burns (the pain).

Real time measurement of the skin temperature is possible with Exergen sensors, so the treatment can be optimized without the risk of burns.

So voila, here are five tips and tricks to consider whenever you want to measure skin temperature:


1) Stop hassling with hand held scanners: integrate a sensor in the handpiece or applicator of the cosmetic device. Measuring skin temperature with a handheld scanner in between treatment sessions seems a sensible thing to do, but makes no sense in terms of safety: short peaks in skin temperature remain undetected. Only the painful screams of the patient are an indication of overheated skin. It is better to continuously monitor the skin so the pain threshold of the patient willnever be reached.


2) You don't need to touch the skin to measure it. Many methods of temperature measuring require contact with the skin. In cosmetic applications this will cause problems: sometimes the treatment itself doesn't require contact, or the treatment involves dragging a handpiece over a larger area of skin. This will cause frictional heat in contact sensors. Also, gels can accumulate on the sensor and create reading errors – resulting in screaming patients!


3) Speed is key. To optimize the treatment while remaining in the safe temperature range, you'll need to be able to adjust the treatment intensity and duration very swiftly. I'm talking about tens of milliseconds here. Choose a sensor that can detect temperature changes instantaneously.


4) You'll understand that it doesn't make sense to measure the skin on your belly, when your bum is being treated. But it goes further than that – in treatments such as vascular lesion removal, the therapy is very local. So it only makes sense to measure the exact small spot that is being treated – otherwise a burn occurs right next to the area that the sensor is measuring. I can hear the patient screaming again!


5) Measure the patients skin, and only the skin (and not the cosmetic equipment, practitioners clothes, treatment room floor, lights in the ceiling etc). An infra red sensor will measure any heat that is received by the detector. Make sure that the heat that is detected by the sensor is only coming from the skin, and not from other heat sources. This can be tricky as some treatments involve laser beams, intense light sources, infrared lights. These must not interfere with the actual skin measurements.


If you follow these tips and tricks in cosmetic equipment, there can be gain…………without any pain.

Bram Stelt - Business Development Manager Exergen Global