Add “PC” Suffix to Any Type K Adjustable Model

Non-adjustable IRt/c’s are particularly attractive in applications where reproducibility and interchangeability are important, or where tamperproof sensors are desired. For low temperature applications, the many non-adjustable IRt/c models available provide the user with a wide selection to fit such needs. However, many higher temperature applications, with both high and low emissivity targets also require precalibrated non-adjustment features. In

addition, for systems in which linearization software is employed in the readout device, the installation calibration can be performed more conveniently in software rather than making an adjustment on the IRt/c.

To take advantage of these models, the following is required:

1. Thermocouple input to programmable readout device (or 4-20 mA if transmitter is employed).

2. Signal output lookup table for either HiE - PC or LoE - PC IRt/c models.

The following models are available with the PC calibration designation, with the same signal output at all temperatures. The maximum recommended target temperature for all models is 2000°F (1100°C). The minimum recommended target temperature depends on the precision of the thermocouple input amplification system, but a reasonable lower limit is 700°F (370°C) for the HiE and 1000°F (540°C) for the LoE. For other specifications, refer to the Model Selection Chart or the individual model specification sheet.

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