Many processes in clinical diagnostics and therapies involve blood samples and other fluids that must be heated to 98.6°F (37°C) for optimum performance. Since sterility and absolute prevention of contamination are paramount, measuring and controlling fluid temperatures is not a trivial task. Using accurate thermistors or thermocouples in the disposable fluid handling components is generally much too expensive, and use of contact devices creates the risk contamination and inaccuracies.

The IRt/c is an excellent solution to the problem. Its small size, low cost, and easy interface with standard thermocouple closed-loop control circuitry are ideal. The IRt/c.2G J-37 is designed and calibrated to be highly accurate at 37°C. 

The J-type is offered because the leads are easily soldered to circuit boards with standard materials, and off-the-shelf cold junction compensation amplifiers are available. It is equipped with a hard pure germanium crystal lens that withstands repeated cleanings, and a failsafe xenon gas fill system. Its hermetically sealed stainless steel construction permits it to be gas sterilized.

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