For IRt/c installations in which a purge air source is not convenient, or is too expensive to install, 3rd party air pump kits are ideal. Most air pumps are rated for continuous duty and produce 120 cubic inches/ minute (2000 cc/min) air flow, which is more than sufficient for purging; and will cool an IRt/c.3x in environments up to 240°F (115°C). And most pumps are available in both 120 VAC and 12V DC versions.

Air Pump Kits are recommended for installations in which dust, dirt, or vapors are present which might coat the IRt/c lens, or for situations in which long term operation has been a problem due to fouling of the lens. At less than $100; requiring only a few minutes to install; and its small  size; Air Pump Kits provide you a convenient and inexpensive assurance of long term, trouble-free operation of your IRt/c temperature control system.

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