About Sensoranics

This is a unique methodology developed by Exergen to augment the performance of our non-contact IR sensor technology using the smart mechanics approach that is the hallmark of Exergen Global’s competitive difference combined with implementing in depth knowledge of thermal management processes.

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Press Release

Exergen Global today introduced its Sensoranics Methodology, a unique, proprietary, integrated approach to developing best-in-class infrared temperature sensor solutions for complex production processes across all industries.The company’s innovative sensor technology provides the foundation for the Methodology, and its mechanical engineering knowledge, combined with that of its customers, supports the methodology.

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Example: Singulex

Singulex is a California-based company providing a unique technology that can detect single molecules in bodily fluids, such as blood or urine. This capability holds real promise for medical diagnostics, particularly when being used to detect biomarkers, measurable substances whose presence is often indicative of disease. Biomarkers are a very early indicator of disease, often the first, and many diseases have specific biomarkers associated with them.

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