IRt/c Principle of Operation

The IRt/c is calibrated to match a conventional thermocouple at a specific temperature. By adjusting the calibration setting (c) of the IRt/c to equal the Seebeck coefficient (╬▒), the signal output (mVout) will be within 2% linear to match the conventional t/c at temperatures close to the calibration point. So when the non-contact, self powered IRt/c is wired into a conventional t/c input device the target temperature (Tt) displayed will be the same as the surface temperature (Ts), the conventional t/c is displaying.

Target controlled to 240F

Conventional t/c mVout = a (Ts-Tcj) a = Seebeck coefficientIRt/c mVout = c (Tt-Ts)+a (Ts-Tcj) when c=a mVout = (Tt-Tcj) c = calibration setting