New Scanner Includes all Features Found in DX501

WATERTOWN, Mass. and ZIJTAART, the Netherlands, October 9, 2018 - Exergen Global today introduced the D501LN, a handheld certified infrared scanner that provides all the features found in Exergen’s DX501, with an extended nosepiece to enhance safety and ease-of-use.

The length of the nosepiece in the D501LN is 1.75” (44.45 mm), while the DX501 nosepiece was 0.75” (19.05 mm). The increased length not only allows operators to hold the scanner 1” further away from a hot target, it also makes it easier to measure hard-to-reach areas. The D501LN will have Automatic Emissivity Compensation identical to that of the DX501, because the diameter of the nose piece and the reflective cup inside it are the same size in both scanners.

“As a part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve customer satisfaction, we regularly survey Exergen users about their experience with our products and ask about any suggestions for improvement,” said Bart van Liempd, CEO of Exergen Global. “The new nosepiece in the D501LN was designed directly in response to customer feedback and constructed to improve safety and ease-of-use.”

Like the DX501, the D501LN is designed to deliver the industry’s best possible temperature measurement accuracy. The scanner is the only infrared instrument that can be certified with NIST-traceable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emissivity, and is completely free of the contact, friction heating, time-based and heat syncing errors common in contact devices.

“We are very proud of all the innovations Exergen has brought to market, and particularly pleased that the D501LN scanner has NIST traceable accuracy certification,” stated Dr. F .Pompei, President & CEO of Exergen Corp. “The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, provides calibration standards of all types to ensure they conform to the exact specifications and meets the very rigorous standards set forth by the agency. With a NIST traceable calibration certification, our customers can be certain that the D501LN is the most accurate hand-held infrared scanner on the market today.”

The D501LN non-contact scanners measure surface temperature in a fraction of a second, while contact probes (thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistors, etc.) require several minutes to achieve equilibrium. The scanner is free of any emissivity errors, emissivity shift errors or background reflection errors. The devices do not require any calibration or user adjustments, and have an interchangeability rate of ±1%, resolution of 0.1°C and unmatched repeatability of 0.1°C.

D501LN Automatic Emissivity Compensation System:

- recessed cone traps all emitted surface radiation, and blocks out and radiation from environment

- only a thin lip of material contacts the target, minimizing heat transfer

- actual measurement area is in the center, well away from the area contacted by the edge of the cone

- reflective cone automatically corrects for emissivity variations by creating an actual blackbody at the precise location of the measurement

D501LN Specifications:

Temperature range:  -50 to 555 degrees F (-46 to 291 C)

Field of view: 1:1

Operating temperature: 32 to 122 degrees F (0 to 50 C)

NO calibration

Response time: 80msec

Minimum spot size .25” (6 mm)

Repeatability: ± 0.1 degrees F (0.1 C)

Resolution: 0.1 degrees F (0.1 C)

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Exergen Corporation, the global leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology, provides non-invasive temperature measurement devices providing lower cost, higher accuracy, less invasiveness, and greater reliability than ever previously possible. Exergen is well-known for its award-winning temporal artery thermometer in the healthcare and consumer market. The company was founded by Harvard Research scientist Dr. Francesco Pompei who holds over 75 patents. Exergen Corporation is based in Watertown, Massachusettes, U.S. Exergen Global, an HP Strategic Partner for 2017, is the worldwide solutions provider of Exergen Corporation’s industrial non-contact infrared temperature sensor solutions and the recipient of the 2015 Global Frost & Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award (http://bit.ly/2pYfsy4).

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