October 2018


One of Exergen Global’s “5 Golden Rules” is 100% communications. So, when our customers said the DX501 was a great handheld scanner, but the nosepiece needed to be longer, we responded.

We’ve just introduced the D501LN, a handheld certified infrared scanner whose nosepiece is a full inch longer--1.75” or 44.45 mm—than the DX501 nosepiece, which was 0.75” (19.05 mm). The D501LN provides all the features found in the DX501 but it lets operators hold the scanner 1” further away from a hot target and makes it easier to measure hard-to-reach areas.

The D501LN will have the same Automatic Emissivity Compensation system found in the DX501 because the diameter of the nose piece and the reflective cup inside it are the same size in both scanners. That means you can rely on the scanner to be emissivity error-free.

And, like the DX501, the D501LN has been certified for accuracy by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. NIST certification means you can be certain that the D501LN is the most reliable and accurate hand-held scanner on the market today.

The D501LN delivers the reliability, accuracy, responsiveness and emissivity error-free performance that Exergen Global always guarantees in its scanners:

D501LN Specifications:

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Exergen Global team

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