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October 2014



WATERTOWN, MA, and GLEN ELLYN, IL — July 15, 2014 – Exergen Global, today announced the integration of their customized IRt/c sensor solution into M&R’s RED CHILI 1418, and Read More...


WATERTOWN, Mass., and ZIJTAART, the Netherlands, May 28, 2014 - Exergen Global, the worldwide value added supplier and solutions provider of Exergen’s corporate line of infrared, Read More...


Aren't you amazed at how a human eye works? These two small spheres in your head manage to do effortlessly what even the biggest, most sophisticated cameras can not do. They can aim your view and focus to get a sharp image (not an easy task as the signals from both eyes need to be combined), they can adjust to changing light intensities, detect even the smallest changes in colour and shape, and your brain can process this information on the fly. You often take your ability to see for granted, but if you think about it for a while, it is very extraordinary. Read More...

by Bram Stelt - Business Development Manager Exergen Global


‍Dr. Pompei, CEO Exergen Corp.

Question:Exergen is very, very well known in the consumer market for its exceptional, award winning product called the temporal artery thermometer which was called one of the ten most innovative products in the last decade. I use it for mychildren ....and at this moment also for my grandmother. It is so extremely easy to use. Did you work together with Steve Jobs? Kidding aside, can you enlighten us a bit?

Steve Jobs and I have never worked together. But I do appreciate you putting me in the same class as him. We do have two things in common, 1) Apple was started in Steve Job's garage, and Exergen started in my basement, and 2) Inc. Magazinerecognized our TemporalScanner thermometer as one of The Smartest Products of the Decade, along with Steve Jobs' iPod. Both products were designed make a difference in people’s lives. For us, Moms, doctors and nurses all over the world now swipe the foreheads of children and adults for accurate temperatures instead of using rectal and other unpleasant thermometers. Taking temperature is now accompanied by a smile from both patients and caregivers rather than a frown. Everyone really loves the product, and I am sure your grandmother does too!


Tee shirts finish in a flash, thanks to Exergen Corp. IR sensor

Customized infrared sensor lets flash-cure systems speed up production of screen-printed tee shirts. The sensor, called the IRt/c, is from Exergen Corp., Watertown, Mass. Several of them are used in Read More...

Tech & Product Award Winning IRt/c Sensor from Exergen integrated in M&R’s Flagship CAYENNE D Quartz and RED CHILI 1418 Flash Cure Units

WATERTOWN, MA, and GLEN ELLYN, IL — Exergen announces the integration of their customized IRt/c sensor into two of M&R’s quartz flash units: the Red Chili 1418 and the freestanding Cayenne D, Read More...


OEM is a pretty serious world, pretty serious business. We need to work with very, very clever people, technical people and brilliant purchasers. In order to make sure that our sensors, especially in extreme machines can still be found, traced ... we created our vipIR. Please allow us to introduce our ... very important product infrared. Very important product is of course the product of our customer which we optimize by using our infrared, non contact IR temperature sensor. The vipIR is ... a snake with a wink to the viper and in particular the pit viper. It's organs are small facial cavities covered by a thin membrane of sensory cell that respond to temperature differences of just .003°C and can detect the presence of a warm-blooded animal at distances of up to 50 cm in total darkness simply from the animal's infrared radiation. We will integrate our vipIR in a lot of marketing material. We hope you like this beautiful "animal".



My name is Bob Harris, and I am the Industrial Sales Manager for Exergen Corporation in Watertown, MA. I am a local guy, born and raised in Somerville, MA. Graduated from Somerville High in the 1983, at the same time gangsters were running around Winter Hill robbing banks and killing people, I was bagging groceries at the Winter Hill Star Market, enjoyed playing my guitar in the jazz band, and playing some sports like street hockey with my buddies. I stuck around Somerville (because I liked the action) and commuted to Northeastern University in Boston to learn all about Electrical Engineering. In my first year in the BSEE program, me and many others flunked out of Physics 1 and wondered if we would make it through the program. I didn’t give up, took the class over again in the summertime and made it to my sophomore year. I struggled with a lot of the courses like Calculus, but did well in others like semiconductor processing. So I focused more on the microelectronics fields, which was perfect because Northeastern had just built a new semiconductor facility so that we could get more hands on experience right there on Huntington Avenue.


"This limited poster was exclusively printed for ... Exergen. Very pleased but also humbled by the unexpected compliments, Bart van Liemd, general manager of Exergen Global, received out of the hands from Avi Atia from HP Indigo a poster with the following text:"

"In appreciation for your many years of productive partnership and cooperation with HP Indigo. We look foward to a long and lasting relationship. Amos Gabay, Director, Procurement & SC, PPS Operations, Hewlett-Packard Company”

There is not a lot more we need to add just that we are extremely happy and proud. Thank you HP Indigo. We look forward to a very bright and colorful future, together.


"Years ago I dreamed of a cost efficient solution with IR fibers coupled to a mid IR pyrometer to measure skin temperatures during RF and IR lamp dermatology procedures. Very impressed to find out that Dr. Pompei and his team of Exergen Global were able to tackle this problem in such a brilliant manner."

Dr. Alex Stein, ex engineer NASA

Amazing customer quotes:

"I only would like to inform your organization that I bought an IR thermometer type D 501 about 20 years ago and it is working perfectly with the original battery from than!!! Amazing!! For this excellent quality Exergen deserves a quote from me as I am so satisfied. This type of good quality and clients opinion are the best marketing because I strongly recommend the product."

Mr. Pereira de Almeida, Engineering Manager from Repsol in Portugal

"As a turnkey company in a dynamic environment, it is essential to work with suppliers that we can trust. Trust that their solutions are perfect and exactly on time. Exergen Global is one of those great vendors we love to work with: high quality, reliable and simply great to work with. Therefore, we see Exergen Global as an excellent supplier that provide exactly as required and a bit more".

Kfir Zukerman, vice president of ZUK MOTION systems & components