Micro IRt/c

Product Overview

Micro IRt/c

• Infrared Thermocouple IRt/c

• Non-contact

• Self-powered

• Intrinsically Safe

• Repeatability 0.02°F (0.01°C)

• Interchangeability ±1%

• Resolution approx. 0.0003°C

• Small Size

Technical Data

Sensing Range
0 to 975°F (-18 to 524°C)
Ambient Temperature Range
-29 to 185°F (-20 to 85°C) permanent -29 to 212°F (-20 to 100°C) non permanent. Air Purge jacket available for cooling to 347°F (175°C)
Optimum Range Selections
Eight models per t/c type (see Temperature Selection Chart)
Field of View
approximately 1:2 (110°)
Minimum Spot Size
.1” (3mm)
Spectral Response
5.5 to 20µm
Output Impedance
17-45 Kohms
Tubing Size Range
Response Time
50 Milliseconds
0.25” (6.3mm) Dia. x 1.0” (25.4mm)
Stainless Steel, Hermetically sealed, exceeds NEMA 4X, IP67
3 feet of unsheilded, duplex insulated, type K, 24 AWG, PFA jacket rated to 500°F (260°C) (Shielded cable available upon request)
Air Purge
Input Device Compatibility
It is recommended to use input devices with less than 1 nA of leakage current to minimize offsets, and sensor break detection should be set to 45 Kohm maximum.
Approximately 1oz. (30 grams) with cable


Ordering information Micro IRt/c-K- (Precalibrated Temperature Range)
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