About Exergen and Exergen Global Exergen Corporation, based in Watertown, Massachusetts, U.S., is the global leader in industrial and medical non-invasive temperature technology, and is world renown for its award-winning consumer and medical-market temporal artery thermometers. It’s full family of temperature measurement devices consistently provide lower cost, higher accuracy, less invasiveness, and greater reliability than ever previously possible. Exergen Global is the worldwide OEM division of Exergen Corporation, providing the complete family of Exergen’s industrial non-contact infrared temperature sensors as well as its customized “Sensoranics” solutions.


Who is Dr. Francesco Pompei?
Franceso “Frank” Pompei is President and Founder of Exergen Corporation, Exergen Global’s parent company. With more than 75 patents to his name, Dr. Pompei’s numerous designs have made Exergen Corporation one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of non-invasive thermometry systems for medical and industrial applications.    Dr. Pompei holds scientific and engineering degrees from both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. He also holds an appointment as a research scholar in the Department of Physics at Harvard University.   He is the author or co-author of more than 50 published books and articles appearing in a wide range of journals, including The New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal for Infection Control, Toxicology and Industrial Health, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, Nature, Cancer Research, Critical Care Medicine.

Exergen Global’s Leadership
Bart van Liempd, Chief Executive Officer
Bram Stelt, Director of OEM Sales
Bob Harris, USA Industrial Sales/Marketing Manager
Walther van Puijvelde, Director of Global Distribution
Ellen Minkels, Chief Marketing Officer


Exergen Global’s Mission
To be the “go to” sensor solutions vendor for reliable, accurate infrared non-contact temperature sensors that improve speed and efficiency for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. 

Its Vision
Exergen Global: The brand that organizations worldwide rely on for the thermal management tools they need to get the most from their applications and processes.

What makes Exergen Global different?
Our team holds more than 75 patents for thermal management.
Our engineers are experts in both mechanical engineering and thermal management.
Our unique, proprietary SensoranicsTM methodology combines our thermal and mechanical engineering knowledge with our best-in-class sensors, allowing us to design customized solutions for the toughest thermal management challenges.

• 2007 – Founding of Exergen Industrial Division with dedicated sales team in Europe.
• 2008 -- ExtremeIRt/c –  the world’s most rugged IRt/c able to withstand mechanical and thermal shock and hold true accuracy.
• 2008 – IRt/c 3x-RF -- NEMA 4x IP67 specifically for measuring refrigerated food products.
• 2009–  Heat Balance Series for medical applications.
• 2010 – Arterial thermometer receives New York Times award as one the top ten inventions of the last century.
• 2011 – Exergen adds NAFTA certification to its ISO, RoHS, and CE certificates.
• 2012 – Exergen becomes a strategic partner of HP-Indigo.
• 2013 – Exergen releases new smart Glow TemporalScanner Thermometer.
• 2014 – Exergen enables Syneron, leader in the aesthetic market, to deliver pain free aesthetic treatment.
• 2014 – Exergen signs M&R, largest textile printing company in the world. 
• 2015 – Clean Micro Air Purge Jacket.
• 2015 – Exergen signs Neuwave to ensure safety and efficiency for its Ablation Systems.
• 2015 – Cone innovation and Sensoranics™, the process of driving integrated cooperation between mechanical engineering teams, while employing the latest infrared temperature sensor innovations and, most importantly, applying an in-depth understanding of and combined  knowledge to thermal processes.


1) 100% delivery.  We know that on-time, reliable delivery is important to our customers, because they depend on our solution for timely delivery of a product to their customers. We guarantee that we will deliver solutions within a time window that spans no greater than two days before or two after a jointly agreed upon delivery date.

2) 100% quality. We guarantee that every aspect of our products has been tested by us and approved by our customers. Our product excellence is guaranteed through a rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance process.

3) 100% communications. Communications with our customers is crucial to their success and ours. We guarantee that we will respond to every customer inquiry – phone or email – within 24 hours or less, and to every price quote inquiry within 48 hours.

4) 100% innovation. Exergen has the best thermal engineers in the world, led by Dr. Frank Pompei, and has more than 75 patents in the field. Our entire team is dedicated to apply their experience and knowledge to solve our customers’ toughest problems.

5) 100% pricing. Since the majority of our sensors are customized, our pricing typically is too. We usually start developing a solution based on one of our 300 “off-the-shelf” sensors, but depending on the customer’s thermal processes and equipment specifications, we very often customize the sensor to ensure it meets the applications’ needs perfectly. 


“Exergen is one of the best organized suppliers of Electronics. Over the last three years their products have been impeccable and the organization of the deliveries simply better than good.”
Dovrat Leibovitch, Suppliers Quality Assurance Manager

“Thank you Exergen for the quick response. You are really living up to the challenging Exergen “Golden Rules” which were shared with us at the end of 2015.”
Richard Hazanec, Fokker

“When t-shirts dry more quickly, our customers can increase production, and profits,” said Magda. “Exergen not only helped us increase the speed of our curing units, it also helped ensure their quality and reliability. The result is that our customers are very happy with the new curing units, and when our customers are happy, we’re happy.”
Bo Magda, VP of Engineering, M&R Print

Industry Awards
Exergen Global received the prestigious Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan in 2015.
Harmon sensor’s pyrometer that employs Exergen’s IRt/c temperature sensor receives patent award from NASA.


Graphics and Printing
Exergen’s Sensors provide the production quality, speed and reliability that are a top priority for printing and graphics customers. Your customers can rely on Exergen’s IR sensors to enhance operations for web and sheet fed presses, ink rollers, platens, conventional and waterless printing presses, and laminating machines. Exergen’s sensors help cost-effectively improve ink drying efficiency, identify dry out points in webs, measure roller temperatures, scan webs for thermal profiling, and measure webs and ink rollers to increase speed and reduce scraps.  

Plastics Manufacturers
Exergen’s IRt/c sensors’ highly accurate monitoring and measurement allow plastics manufacturers to quickly adjust process parameters to enhance productivity, ensure quality and reduce repairs. Our sensors are ideally suited for high volume plastic injection molding, forming plastics, monitoring plastic extrusions, and monitoring and controlling the cooling process prior to cutting plastics to length.

Exergen’s IRt/c infrared thermocouples help accurately control the temperature of rotating and moving stainless steel heaters commonly used in the packaging industry, without ever touching the heaters. Exergen’s SnakeEye Thermal Switch detects the presence of hot objects (such as hot melt adhesive, labels, laser engravings, seals, and pressed fit parts in real-time.

Exergen IRt/c sensors play a major role in helping the agricultural industry grow crops at the lowest cost, with speed and accuracy. In high drought areas, our IRt/c can help your customers detect plant stress by monitoring temperatures and ensuring the crop is watered where absolutely necessary.


Medical Diagnostics
Exergen’s non-contact infrared temperature sensors can provide fast and contamination-free temperature measurement for a range of applications in which fluid must be warmed, including: transfusion systems, IV warming systems, dialysis systems, cardio-pulmonary bypass systems, ECMO systems, and blood analyzers. We employ our patented Heat Balance method to measure fluid temperature internally but non-invasively using disposable tubing. Our knowledge and background in medical devices is enhanced through collaboration with our Medical Division, a group that is recognized world wide for its award-winning Temporal Scanner product line.

Food Production
Exergen’s IRt/c sensors help ensure quality and safety in processes such as bread and pastry dough mixing, microwave heating, frozen food production, and baking, without ever touching the food product. Exergen’s portable DX501 sensor is ideal for spot inspections to help prevent microorganism contamination by bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Exergen Global’s non-contact sensors let manufacturers accurately monitor and measure textile temperatures throughout production, allowing them to remove garments at precisely the right moment. Exergen sensors provide better control over heat-intensive processes such as curing, with resolution of 0.0001 °C and repeatability within 0.01°C.

Exergen’s sensors can help optimize tire performance, tune a race car’s suspension by profiling its tires’ temperatures, monitor a torque converter or brake pads temperature, and monitor mechanical drives for bearing failure. Body shops can use Exergen’s portable IRt/c sensors to measure spot repair temperatures and our NIST traceable DX501 is an IR thermometer that provides truly accurate temperature measurement for tuning R/C race car engines.

Semiconductor manufacturing
Exergen’s non-contact IR sensors are the ideal solution to the thermal management challenges inherent in semiconductor manufacturing. Exergen’s adjustable IRt/c non-contact sensors avoid contamination and fit in small spaces, lending themselves to use in Silicon Wafer Fabrication, Polycrystal Production and MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy).


Product differentiators
- The industry’s smallest self-powered non-contact IR  temperature sensor
- Repeatability of 0.02%; resolution of 0.0003°C; and  interchangeability of < 1%
- No drift
- The only certified NIST traceable IR temperature instrument  in the world
- Mean time between failures (MTBF) of > 1000 years
- Response time between 50 and 150 milliseconds
- Our proprietary speed boost equation that increases  production speeds while maintaining optimal temperatures
- Ease of use. We offer true thermocouple, analog, or digital output
- Intrinsically safe. Our self-powered IRt/cs are simple, and can  be used in hazardous, very hard to reach, locations
- Wide variety. We have more than 300 models to choose from
- Protected technology with more than 75 patents

Exergen’s Thermal Management Product Line
Exergen offers more than 300 thermal management products that provide accurate, reliable, and cost effective temperature measurements at process critical control points. Exergen’s product selection includes:


Exergen’s IRt/cs are precalibrated at the factory for typical target material emissive properties to match thermocouple signals over selected temperature ranges. They can be connected directly to “thermocouple input” controllers, PLCs, transmitters, and recorders available worldwide. Widely recognized as the most reliable non-contact IR temperature sensors on the market, these sensor have no active electronics, so they simply cannot fail.


These models allow the user to calibrate the IRt/cs to match a thermocouple in any desired temperature range. Users can employ the range adjustment screw to calibrate for preferred temperature range and material properties (emissivity). Models for non-metals (HiE) and metals (LoE) are available. Note: All of Exergen’s adjustable model sensors are available precalibrated from Exergen with NIST traceability for quick multiple same sensor installations. The millivolt output curves, mv table, and Eurothern downloadable files are also available for all sensor models for special calibration.


Custom Specific
Exergen Global is widely recognized for its Sensoranics MethodologyTM, a unique, proprietary, and fully integrated approach to develop customized best-in-class infrared temperature sensor solutions. Sensoranics combines Exergen’s unmatched thermal management expertise, its innovative sensor technology and its mechanical engineering knowledge to provide award-winning solutions for even the toughest thermal challenges.  

Examples of the customized solutions that Exergen offers for OEMs include:
- Custom specific calibrations
- Custom specific sensor housings
- Custom specific optics
- Custom specific assemblies: every desired cable length, labels,  heatshrinks, connectors
- Specialized multi-channel solutions for more accurate readings - Wireless solutions

Exergen offers a range of thermal management tools, all providing the reliability, accuracy and repeatability Exergen is know for. Its tools include:  

Handheld IR Scanner
Exergen’s D- and DX-Series handheld IR scanners differ from conventional temperature measuring devices. Designed specifically for the highest possible accuracy, they are infrared instruments which are certified with NIST-traceable accuracy on real surfaces of unknown emmissivity, while remaining completely free of the contact errors and heat sinking errors of contact devices.


Exergen Academy is the company’s learning resource dedicated to providing its customers with the in-depth temperature sensor knowledge needed to develop more innovative sensor solutions, and repair and maintain sensors. The Academy covers topics including Exergen’s patented Sensoranics methodology, temperature testing procedures, maintenance, cleaning, calibration and more.

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