Latest product innovations

Latest product innovations

Limited space: Smallest infrared temperature sensor in the worldIntroduction of the world’s smallest non-contact temperature sensor. At just  .75” (19mm) long and .25” (6.4mm) in diameter, the Micro IRt/c fits in the tight and small spaces where competitive devices simply cannot be mounted. The Micro IRt/c’s miniature size makes it an ideal thermal management solution for applications that include medical devices, food preparation and manufacturing, printing, plastics and others.Despite its tiny size, the Micro IRt/c delivers the same unmatched accuracy, responsiveness and reliability that Exergen sensors are recognized for worldwide. The sensor provides repeatability within 0.02ºF, accuracy to within ± 1% and response time of 50 milliseconds. It has a sensing range of 0 to 975ºF. The micro sensor is ideally suited for applications such as medical, industrial, printing and others where thermal management is essential but sensor space is limited. 


Harsh environment: extreme sensor that protects it from extreme vibrations, shifts in pressure

The extreme sensor delivers accurate temperature measurement in severe temperature, weather, and other environmental conditions. It maintains unmatched accuracy at temperatures ranging from -50 to 1200 °F. The Extreme IRt/c, a non-contact temperature sensor, a device that withstands extreme vibrations and other environmental changes while maintaining unmatched reliability and accuracy features a custom-designed ultra-rugged housing that protects the sensor from extreme vibrations, shifts in pressure and other acute ambient changes. The sensor was originally developed for a defense contractor whose client needed to measure the temperature of equipment mounted on the exterior of military aircrafts to ensure uninterrupted availability. If left unchecked, the mechanisms could become hot enough under normal operating conditions to sustain damage. During tests, we found that our standard IRt/c sensors, while offering the industry’s highest reliability under most conditions, were drifting due to the extreme vibration changes that occur during flight. Our engineers worked closely with the defense contractor according to our Sensoranics methodology, to create a customized mechanical design that heatsinked the body of the sensor, protecting it from vibrations and extreme temperature changes. 


Customized solution: The Reflective Cone (according to our Sensoranics methodology)

The Reflective Cone is a custom-designed tool that works with our IRt/c infrared sensors to provide the industry’s most accurate surface temperature readings, ensuring high-quality processing for a wide range of industrial applications. The Cone, the only device of its kind on the market today, is ideally suited for semiconductor, printing, plastics and other production processes in which high ambient radiation and reflection can prevent accurate surface temperature measurement.Many industrial applications require very accurate control of the production surface (e.g. the drum, blanket, silicon wafer or other) temperature to ensure high quality processing. Yet, during production, the emissivity of the surface – its power to emit heat relative to (ambient) radiation it reflects -- can vary considerably due to substrate properties, surrounding radiation, and ambient condition changes.