Exergen Global's Academy

Knowledge and innovation are
driving factors in our day-to-day
lives here at Exergen Global

At Exergen Global, we realize that a happy and productive relationship between us and our customers, partners and distributors is based on our providing the feedback and training they need to understand how our unique infrared non-contact temperature sensors work and how they can be deployed in a wide range of applications. We also want to share what we believe is our very special corporate culture and customer service philosophy.

To be certain we’re achieving those goals, we offer manuals, installations guides, video’s, webinars and a variety of other training tools through our Exergen Academy. The tools in our Academy provide step-by-step technical guidance, the latest product information, and even background on our mission and five golden rules program. By providing a wide variety of learning opportunities for our customers, partners and distributors, we hope to ease the solution implementation process and make cooperative efforts transparent and smooth.

Our philosophy is that ONLY EXCELLENCE MATTERS, therefore sharing knowledge matters.

Thanks for visiting our Academy, I hope your visit will be helpful.

New in the Academy

Exergen Global's Academy is live!

The website of Exergen Global's Academy can now be found on https://www.exergenglobal.com/academy/home
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